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Computernix is here to help with your networking requirements. If you are new to networks and not sure what you need, call ComputerNix. Our network techs can plan your new network to meet your needs, based on requirements such as bandwidth, speed, physical layout, security and budget. We network businesses, home offices and home entertainment systems.
You have the flexibility of choosing the versatility of a wireless network, higher-speed cabled networks, or a combination of both.
Based on your needs, Computernix recommends network components, such as routers and switches. Once the best equipment is selected for cost and performance, we install the network from the ground up.

Computernix can expand, modify and upgrade existing networks.  Maintenance - Troubleshooting

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Computer help at your office or home.
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 Troubleshooting and maintenance services offered by Computernix
 Computernix technicians can solve problems such as slow network and intermittent loss of connectivity. network printing and file sharing.
Setup or troubleshoot and resolve network printing and file sharing..
We can help you resolve problems with your existing Internet connection. Consumers and business owners seldom fully understand the technical terminology used when making support calls to Internet Service Provider's help lines. One of our techs can be on-hand to get support issues under control quickly.
Are you confused about what Internet Service Provider, IP address allocation, and connection speed is best and most cost effective for your company or home budget? Concerned you are buying too much or too little for your needs? Call Computernix for advice.
Are your offices or home networks expanding or moving? Computernix performs the moves, adds and changes (MACs) you need. Services include adding and relocating devices such as servers, workstations, printers and storage. When additional equipment is needed we make recommendations and do the installation.
 Shared network storage anyone can afford
Costs for network attached storage (NAS) has plummeted this decade, making it well within reach of the smallest of business and home networks. Some units are priced so low it doesn't make sense not to have one.
It used to be necessary to spend big dollars on a full-blown data storage computer server, but no more. NAS desktop units now start at around $100.00 (and go up into the $1,000's) for home and home office use, and can be as small as an average sized book.
Home users can easily share photos, movies and music over the network. Businesses typically use NAS for company data sharing and centralized backups.
Call Computernix to find out how network storage can fit into your business or home computing environment.
 Comparison of wired and wireless networks
Wired networks can be much faster than wireless. However, if you have a small businesses or home network, the higher bandwidth and higher cost of a Gigabit network components are probably way overkill and a waste of your money. Would you buy a Indy race car to drive a few blocks to the market once a week? You'd simply never have the opportunity to use the potential horsepower.
Wired networks require data cables to be run through walls and ceilings. Wall receptacles, similar to ones for telephone lines are installed for device cable connections. Depending on the number of computers. printers and other devices attached to your network, cabling can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.
As implied, wireless networks do not require the initial expense of cabling.
When relocating computers and other networked devices, wireless networks are most flexible. You simply move the device to a room or location within range of the wireless router and power it on. The time and/or expense of additional cabling is not required.
Why Wireless?

Wireless networks are faster than ever before and the cost of  components have dropped dramatically.

Wireless is now more than an affordable and sensible solution for business and home networks.
You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to have data cables run. Some buildings and homes are virtually impossible to cable without expensive structural modification.
Some sites are using wireless (alongside wired) to extend the reach of existing networks without the need for additional cabling.
Home Networks - Upscale
Many homes now have two or more computers and one or more printer on the network.
We can help you setup your home network for Internet, file and printer sharing, gaming, and more.
Home networks have become more sophisticated. High speed networks will soon be more commonplace in homes, in support of streaming audio and video and additional forms of entertainment.
Call Computernix for network help.

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