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Mobile Linux and Unix Support!
Unix and Linux help when you need it ▪ Computernix comes to you
Unix and Linux troubleshooting and administration
UNIX ® and Linux ® consultants and administrators at Computernix offer system administration and support for your high end computing environment. Call when you need help and a guru will come to your office or campus, or remotely log in to your machine to analyze and resolve your problems.
We can connect you Unix and Linux to your Windows-based computers
Windows® to Linux integration is a specialty. It is now commonplace for specialized Unix and Linux-based computers called Samba servers, to act as file and print servers for a variety of client computer operating system types. We can install and configure new Samba servers at your site. If you are having problems with a previously installed Samba server, we can troubleshoot and resolve your issues.
Computernix installs and upgrades Unix and Linux systems. Maintenance and Troubleshooting
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Computer help at your office or home.
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The Computernix senior UNIX and Linux consultant has 20 years experience in supporting UNIX and Linux environments. In addition to hands-on consulting, he has taught Unix and Linux certification courses in the classroom to hundreds of IT professionals throughout the USA. This is the level of help you want. Many non-UNIX computer consultants call us when they have UNIX and Linux problems, questions and support requirements.
New to Unix and Linux?
UNIX ® and Linux are computer operating systems favored by software developers, as the platform of choice for business and scientific applications that require features beyond the capabilities of common PC computers. These operating systems include features such as, multi-user access, high performance, high-volume processing, high-availability, scalability, and enhanced security. UNIX and Linux computers seldom, if ever, crash or become infected with viruses.
Many scientific, research, robotics and business specific software packages called vertical applications are designed specifically to take advantage of these powerful and virtually unstoppable operating system.
Not sure where to start? Call a Computernix consultant to get you started in the right direction and advise you what components and software you will need to meet your objectives. We can help you harness the power of Unix and Linux.
Computernix saves you money with Unix and Linux-based services
Complete operating system installations, upgrades, maintenance, support, reconfiguration, and performance analysis for servers and desktop workstations
Disaster recovery from a variety of circumstances including hardware failures and natural catastrophes
User and group administration with security implementation 
Shell scripts and programming basic to complex for administration or automation
Network and Internet reconfiguration
Install and configure business applications
Windows ® to UNIX ® and Linux ® interoperability
Windows® to UNIX® and Linux® integration
Install UNIX® or Linux® to be a Windows® file and print server using Samba (CIFS) technology
Backup and recovery solutions
Hardware replacement, upgrade and additions
Add disk-based storage to existing systems
Network attached storage (NAS)
We work with PC UNIX versions (also known as x86, , i86pc, Intel and IA versions) as well as other architectures such as SPARC and RISC
On-site and remote administration
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:: Solaris® Operating Environment ::
Computernix has a Sun Certified Solaris Administrator and Instructor on staff.
:: Linux Professionals Group - LPG ::
Linux Certified Administrator
Linux Certified Instructor
(LCA - LCI) on staff
:: UNIX on PC Platforms ::
Computernix gurus support UNIX and Linux running x86 and IA64 platforms from Intel® and AMD®.
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