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Computer repairs / upgrades at your place! Virus and spyware removal service!
Evening and Weekend Appointments are Possible
You don't have to leave your business or home to drop-off your computers for repairs and upgrades!

Most repairs, upgrades, spyware and virus removals can be performed at your office or home when you have adequate workspace. When repairs cannot be completed on-site, we provide transportation both ways, and minimize turn-around time on bench repairs. Computernix can do all this and still save you money.

In many cases, spyware, virus and pop-up problems can be removed without reloading your software. Computernix techs do everything possible to preserve your important files, business data, or music and photo collections.

We install software, RAM, hard drives, network cards, CD and DVD drives, video cards and wireless networks. You name it! Get help with Windows ® XP - Windows 7 and Server.  Computernix knows UNIX ® and Linux ®, and we can help with these Desktops and Servers. Many computer repairs can be performed at your business, home or home office! We think inside the box!
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Computer help at your office or home.
Limited Time Offer - Complimentary Service Call! - 281.731.3641
Invite us to your store, office or home. When you mention this "Website Free Offer" promotion, *and* you are in one of our free offer areas1 , you will not be charged a service call fee2 (a $65.00 value)!

With this offer, billing begins when you give the technician the OK to start the repairs at the estimate provided.
Avoid unexpected computer breakdowns
Routine maintenance works for your computers and network, as it does for your car. You periodically perform preventative maintenance, such as oil changes and tuneups for your car, to keep performance high and avoid unexpected breakdowns and grief. Keeping your computers and network performing well reduces risks of downtime and data loss.
Computernix can increase the reliability, and limit unexpected breakdowns of your computers with routine maintenance procedures. Keeping your hard drive in top condition and routinely upgrading your virus removal software, as well as backing up and storing your valuable files in other locations, goes a long way in avoiding critical losses and downtime. Have us help you maintain your computers! We can schedule monthly, quarterly or semi-annual visits to tune and maintain your equipment.

Here are some of the maintenance tasks Computernix technicians perform.
System troubleshooting and general maintenance when you need it.
Professional operating system installations on your new or existing computers. Computernix installs all versions of windows, Linux and Unix.
Disaster recoveries. We will do our best to quickly get you back to business as usual, following disasters and unexpected interruptions of business due to computer failures
Install, configure and upgrade virus and business software, accounting programs and office productivity suites.
Plan a data backup scheme that works for you. We will test your backups periodically to insure you will have reliable data stored away when you need it.
Computernix saves you money . . . How? technicians bill by the hour, and you get your hour's worth. Experienced, professional technicians locate and repair problems quickly. is a service only company! You will never experience a hard sell to buy hardware, software, and parts from us. Assurance that you will not be pressured into buying high priced gizmos you really don't need.
Computernix encourages customers to find the best price on recommended equipment, replacement parts and components. If you do not have time to price shop, we will even do that for you3 and make sure you get the best price possible. We do the installations and repairs at our normal hourly rate.
Computernix keeps costs low. Being a service only company significantly lowers our cost of doing business. Consequently, you benefit by our low hourly rates.
Computer service shops that inventory equipment and computer parts for resale, have to pay inventory taxes, warehousing, insurance, and other expenses. . . Costs that are passed on to customers in the form of markups. Not at Computernix!
2 Limitations: Requesting caller must be 21 years or older, no exceptions. One free 'Service Call Offer' per physical address, individual, family, or company. Free service call includes an inspection and estimate of repairs for one computer. Free service call is limited to 30 minutes beginning at the technician's arrival time. The normal hourly rate of $65.00 will begin, beyond the 30 minute free period. Service call location must be in one of our supporrted service areas, listed on the left column of  this page. Computernix reserves the right to decline requestes based on technician availability and the possible resolution of your repair need (i.e. it may be impossible to get replacement parts for computer older that 5 years).
3 There is a nominal service fee for parts and equipment shopping and pickup. Your final parts cost will be well below normal suggested manufacture's retail. Price shopping and pickup fees do not include installation unless Computernix provides a writtn quote for part(s) and labor. Parts Installation is typically billed at our normal hourly rate.
Think inside the box!
Printer problems?
Network problems?
Computer problems?
Computer will not boot?
Computer running slow?
Trojan or hijacker Problems?
Missing files, folders and data?
Call Computernix for help now!
Viruses! - Adware! - Spyware! Internet users are exposed!
The epidemic of malicious, computer-disabling pop-ups, viruses, spyware and software is crippling your computer!
Computernix has software tools to remove spyware and computer viruses not detected and/or removed by many commercial removal software programs.
1 Supported Service Areas for Complimentary Service Calls are Listed Below
Kingwood - Humble - The Woodlands
Spring, within a 5 mile radius of I-45 @ 2920
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